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Chakra Balancing and Alignment 100%
Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief 100%
Energetic Blockage Release 100%
Vitality and Renewed Energy 100%
Enhance mental clarity and focus 100%
emotional resilience and peace 100%

Our sanctuary of energy healing sessions are designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit
Our sessions are curated to harness the innate energies within you, promoting holistic wellness and inner balance

Explore our healing practices:

Hands of Light Healing operates on the understanding that imbalances or disturbances within our body’s energetic field, often referred to as the human energy field, precede physical illness or discomfort. This approach believes that disruptions in the energy field might serve as precursors to ailments, influencing our physical health and overall wellbeing.

By diagnosing potential imbalances in the chakra centers (which are crucial energy hubs within the body), we aim to identify and release energy blocks or disruptions. These disruptions can be viewed as disturbances in the flow of energy within the body’s energy system. Through this healing modality, we work on restoring balance, removing these blockages, and harmonizing the flow of energy throughout the energy field.

This proactive approach to healing involves addressing issues at the energetic level before they manifest as physical symptoms or illnesses. By clearing and charging the aura (which is the subtle energy field surrounding the body), the practice aims to promote overall wellness and prevent potential ailments from manifesting in the physical body.

Qigong, derived from the essence of “Qi” as the life force and “Gong” as the transformative practice, embodies the art of harnessing this vital life energy for holistic well-being. This ancient practice isn’t solely about physical healing; it’s a profound journey encompassing emotional, mental, and spiritual nourishment. As we engage in Qigong, we embark on a transformative path toward optimal balance, nurturing not just our bodies but our spirits and minds as well. It merges meditation, focused concentration, breathwork, and gentle movements to awaken and cultivate the vital energy flowing through the body’s invisible channels, the meridians.

The magic of Qigong lies in its ability to dissolve energy blockages, the hidden culprits behind pain and illness, granting us pain-free movement and enhanced flexibility. Beyond physical benefits, practitioners find solace in contentment, peace, and reduced stress—an internal harmony radiating outward. Qigong breathes life into our metabolism and digestion, fostering balanced energy, a youthful vibrancy, and sharpened mental acuity. Its nurturing embrace extends to our organs, tenderly massaging them back to their optimal functioning, thus slowing the aging process from within. What makes Qigong a transformative force is its focus—not on mere symptoms but on the root cause of all ailments: the energy imbalances within. By restoring this natural equilibrium, it unveils a tapestry of benefits, unveiling our true vitality and potential.

In the profound sanctuary of Qigong, the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern healing unveils a treasure trove of vitality. It’s a practice that doesn’t merely touch the surface; it delves deep into the essence of our being, untangling the knots of energy that hinder our well-being. By embracing the profound wisdom of Qigong, individuals discover a gateway to profound harmony—a space where the symphony of body, mind, and spirit harmonizes, unveiling a portrait of holistic health, vitality, and inner peace.

Meditation, in its diverse forms, offers a sacred passage to inner sanctuary of tranquility and self-discovery. Each meditation practice serves as a portal to explore the depths of our consciousness, guiding us toward profound realms of peace and self-awareness. Whether through guided visualizations, mindfulness exercises, or breathwork, meditation becomes a tapestry of serene moments that cultivate harmony within. It’s a sacred journey where the mind finds solace and the heart discovers its rhythms, echoing serenity that extends far beyond the quiet moments of practice.

Within our offerings lie a myriad of meditation practices, each a unique path to inner stillness and holistic well-being. These practices are woven with intention and care, tailored to guide individuals through various landscapes of introspection and relaxation. Dive into guided meditations that lead you through vivid visualizations, transporting you to serene realms of tranquility. Embrace mindfulness practices that ground you in the present, unveiling the power of being fully attuned to the moment. Explore breathwork techniques that connect you with the rhythm of life, fostering inner calm and balance. Each practice is an invitation to embark on a journey inward, towards a serene oasis of self-awareness and rejuvenation.

Meditation isn’t merely a practice; it’s a sanctuary—a sacred space carved out of the noise of everyday life. It’s an art that invites individuals to be still, to listen to the whispers of their souls amidst the chaos of the world. These sessions, carefully crafted and diverse in nature, serve as stepping stones toward inner peace, self-reflection, and spiritual growth. With every breath, with every moment of mindful presence, individuals uncover a deeper connection with themselves and the universe, unveiling the profound serenity that resides within.

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“As beings of light, we are each a unique expression of Universal consciousness in this dimension. We emanate pure energy from the One Consciousness, and are an integral part of the Universal dream of form.”

Iva Boyuklieva


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Holistic Counselor

Iva Boyuklieva